Open space to unfold your potential

Your place of business is more than just the architectural shell for your workplaces. It actually represents your company, defines its image, and conveys a sense of your business reality.

Gateway Gardens offers radically new ways to present your corporate identity in architectonic form. For it is a place that permits innovative structures that reflect the creative mindset of its occupiers. The design margin in this context is huge. The building license within the framework of of the local development plan for the new urban district is securely in place.

Inspiration, Identity and Image


Thus, each property at Gateway Gardens becomes a showroom of international contemporary architecture. Meaning architecture that, rather than presenting innovative design to the four directions, communicates it inward and – considering the airport's proximity of the airport – upward, too. If you set up your headquarters at Gateway Gardens, its visibility will be hard to match anywhere in Europe.

Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will put our experience as property developers to work in order to turn your expectations into reality. Naturally, you may also bring in your own developers and partners. Just get in touch with us. Together, we will let your ideas come true.