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Success as Plausible Result

What does business success depend on: Location? Relations? Connections? The very diversity of potential factors suggests that you cannot really plan for success. Then again, you can certainly improve your chances to succeed. This is precisely the idea underlying the concept of Gateway Gardens. So the ground is prepared, and all you need to do is take root.

Frankfurt's new district of 35 hectares in direct proximity to the international airport offers plenty of space for realising your ideas. At this time, fully zoned plots ready for construction are available for sales in 20 areas, ranging from around 1,200 sqm to around 28,000 sqm. It is a unique opportunity to invest in Germany's single largest transport hub.

Eligible Types of Use:

  • Office and service-sector areas
  • Hotels, conferencing and convention facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Leisure, healthcare
  • Airport-related services
  • Educational and research institutes


  • Property developers
  • International firms, to serve as bridgehead
  • Retail companies
  • German companies with an international clientèle